Above: UDRAA helps send Glen Thommes to the USA All American camp.

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University of Delaware Rugby Alumni Association (UDRAA) Announced! A Letter from the UDRAA President.

Fellow UD Rugby Alumni, Parents, Friends, current, & future players,

The UD Rugby team has made great strides in a long and rich history dating back to our roots in 1972.   We have built a culture that has yielded both the growth of our on field results as well as the off the field brotherhood.   Our vision is to pass down the best of this culture to future student players to be accountable to the standards of a varsity level program both in match play and campus leadership.

Rugby has meant many different things to all of us over the years and has helped shape the people we are today.  From the eyes wide open moments of our rookie seasons to standing in stadium of the Collegiate Rugby Championship; rugby has always been present.  Rugby is unique in that once you shed blood, sweat, tears, losses and victories with your fellow ruggers, it creates a life long bond and kinship that never breaks. 

We are excited to have strong partners with the leadership at the University of Delaware and collectively we are proud to support the team through the official University of Delaware Rugby Alumni Association (UDRAA).  The UDRAA is an officially sanctioned University of Delaware organization that benefits from the backing and support structure of the University.  This has and will continue to open up tremendous growth and future opportunities.

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The UDRAA Goal is to support the program to be a top ten nationally ranked team and compete to be the best in the country in both 15s and 7s, to support student campus rugby leaders to advance the "Delaware will Shine" initiative, and to foster the talent of individual players both mentally and competitively to put in a position to either compete on an Olympic level or succeed in life after UD.    
Our mission is to help promote and support the UD Rugby Football Club for generations to come and pay forward the lifelong benefits that Rugby has played in our lives.  To realize this mission, we will work to establish a number of support programs, some of which are already in flight, such as annual scholarships; travel and lodging accounts for national select side; best in class coaching; and deeper sponsorship of events like the CRC.
None of this is however possible without the strong and enduring commitment of our Alumni, young and old.  Your contributions are already making an impact, as we were able to support the team's purchase of new equipment and a scrum sled this past season.    Historically, we have sent Glen Thommes to the USA All American camp in California and perpetually offer two scholarships annually to incoming freshman.   To put it in perspective, five members of our most recent UD CRC Plate Division Championship team were previous scholarship winners.
As alumni, we have structured our UDRAA leadership in four essential pillars.   These include; Recruitment, Mentorship, Membership, and Fundraising, with Chair leaders focused on success in each area.   Let us know how you may be able to contribute in one or several of these areas. 
We will communicate more of the ways in which you can help and how we are structuring the donation programs.  As a recognized UD organization, we will also benefit from their outreach programs and marketing materials.  Know that donations to the UDRAA will count towards your status of UD Alumni donation levels. We will also help create clear connections from your generous support to direct positive impacts on UDRFC.

Donate at:   www.udel.edu/makeagift to use our online giving form.  You can pay online via check or credit card.  Please be sure to designate your gift to the (UD Rugby Alumni Associationin the “Other” box. Contact our treasurer Philip Horsey at alumnitreasurer@delawarerugby.com with questions on donating. Donations to the UDRAA are fully tax deductible and count as a gift to the University for purposes of UD giving clubs and University recognition.

We are very excited about the future possibilities and what we can achieve acting as one.  We did it on the field and now we will do it as alumni.  We have over 500 registered UD Rugby alumni (plus many more out there)....lets demonstrate the same passion as alumni as we have done on the pitch   Collectively, we will need to continue to be a strong organization with a deep bench to support this team to achieve sustained success at the highest levels.    With that said, every one of us can make that impact, be that butterfly effect to make the difference that puts us over the top.  Be a mentor, contribute, be a recruiter, and or help lead a key initiative to strengthen the club for the best today and in the future. 

Go Blue Hens!
Your UDRAA Board of Governors
University of Delaware Rugby Alumni Association

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